NCS College 2014 – Course for Codifiers

The closing ceremony of the Course for Codifiers in the Academic Council Hall of the University of Defence concluded the 2nd International NCS College organised jointly by the University and the AC/135 in Brno, Czech Republic, on 25 August to 19 September, 2014.

The Course for Codifiers (September 1 to 19) following the Course for Managers & Logisticians (25 to 29 August) was attended by 12 codifiers from the Czech Republic, Croatia, Ireland, Latvia, Malaysia, Norway and Austria. The lectors from the University of Defence, Czech MoD, DLA LIS (USA), CZE and AUT NCBs and AURA trained the students especially in specific codification activities such as identification and classification of material items, their description and international codification data exchange. The codifiers visited military bases in Štěpánov and Brno which made them acquainted with the practical storage management based on implementation of the NATO Codification System. The final lectures and training, given by AURA experts, focused on future trends in material and services codification and how the codification might be exploited by industrial entities.