Dear Codification Friends

I am pleased to inform you that, on 2 September, students from 11 nations of 4 continents have successfully concluded the one-week Course for Managers and Logisticians within the 2016 NCS College held in Brno, Czech Republic. This is already the 3rd NCS College organised by the Czech University of Defence in co-operation with the AC/135 and supported by NSPA, CZE NCB and AURA. The key lectors of this course were Mr. Thierry Vanden Dries, AC/135 Chairman, Mr. Adam Pustějovský of NSPA, Jeffrey Merrell of DLA DLIS and representatives of the University of Defence.

The Course for Managers and Logisticians was applauded by all the participants both for the knowledge delivered and for its supplemental social part. Also, the Moravian capital of Brno earned the utmost admiration.

On 5 September 2016, we started the follow-up three-week NCS College Course for Codifiers.